Wednesday 17 July 2019

Taylor happy with team effort

Sligo manager Paul Taylor was giving his thoughts on their FBD Connacht league semi final with Roscommon in Dr Hyde Park on Sunday.

The Eastern Harps man said: "We are happy with the effort the lads put in, I have to say that, the way they applied themselves and we came here to win the game and we didn't win the game but we will take the positives from it.

"One of the negatives from the game was that we were slow to start. I thought it took us 10 minutes to get into the game and that was 10 minutes that we wasted. We had a good breeze at our backs but you know when the boys did decide to start working and start doing what we were telling them to do they put in a huge effort and I have to compliment them for that for the effort that they put in.

"A lot of lads that did not get games today and the full panel are putting in a good effort at the moment. We are happy with how things are going, we have a lot of work to do, we have the National league starting in 2 weeks and we have a hard tough Division 3 campaign in front of us but we will take the positives from that today and we will take every performance as it comes and look forward to the league."

Taylor said: "You want to win every game, it would be nice to be in the final (of the FBD). A final is a final so we are disappointed about that. But again that is a performance that we are going to build on like every other performance we put in.

"We will be cutting the panel down before the start of the league but I will be hoping that it is not the end for players that are not on the panel.

"We are hoping to develop younger lads and players over the next year as well so just because lads are not on the firs t 34/35 does not mean they are not on the Sligo panel so that is what we will be hoping to do and we will be hoping to build for the future and everything that we do will be for the future of Sligo football," he added.

"I thought for the referee today it was tough because it was an intense game to be honest. It was a real local derby for an FBD game and we are happy with that too because it was a good, tough game and I thought it was difficult for the ref at times you know.

"We were shouting on the Sligo line and the Roscommon management were shouting about four passes and sometimes the mark was where the ball was kicked from was it outside the 45 or was it inside the 45. I do think the handpass rule is difficult, I hope they that.

"I think the mark could improve the game. The black card and the sin bin for 10 minutes I don't have any difficulty with that but the handpass is going to be difficult to ref.

"It is going to be difficult for teams. We are training with it now as is every other team but I don't think how much you train it is going to be difficult to get it right," he added.

Sligo Champion