Thursday 17 October 2019

Taylor admits not having a win is a tough place to be

Sligo still have one game left in the Allianz league as they meet Offaly in Connolly Park on Sunday at 2pm and manager Paul Taylor said his side will be preparing this week for that game and focusing on getting a win.

He said it was disappointing not to come away with something in Longford particularly after a decent first half. "Look, we were well in the game at half time and we were fighting hard, we were working hard. We knew that we would be up for it and trained very hard over the last 2 weeks but it was not simple again today.

"We came out the wrong side of it and we came out the wrong side of a few decisions I feel as well. The red card seemed harsh, I just asked the referee afterwards I didn't say anything to him, I asked him what it was for and he said a high tackle around the neck but I didn't see any high tackle around the neck. But we will have to look at the video. Look there is a lot of things not going our way, decisions not going our way.

"We have injuries to a lot of key players as well but we are using our panel all the time.

"A good few lads got more experience there today again and that is what it's about and what it's been about.

"I have always said it it is about building this team and we are working towards making them physically stronger and mentally stronger and they will be mentally stronger after all this but they are showing a lot of resilience they keep coming back.

"They keep fighting and they keep trying to put in that performance that is going to get us that win that we are craving at the moment.

"It's tough. It's tough for us all, management, backroom staff, the players, you know especially the players.

"We are all craving that win and we know it is there.

"You know if you get one win you get three or 4.

"I think the National League have proved that for a lot of teams.

"A lot of teams who have won some of their games in injury time have kicked on and won more and got the bounce of the ball and got that bit of luck but unfortunately we are not getting it yet and it's a very very tough place to be," the Eastern Harps man said.

"Look, we will keeping working hard and keep doing the right things, the good things that we are doing we will keep doing and try to improve them and we'll work on the negatives. We will try to keep everything positive and that is what it is about.

"It is about keeping these young fellas positive and their heads up and moving forward. Barry's hamstring cramped up there and he has been suffering a little bit with a hamstring problem earlier in the year. He had started very well for us today there and he got an injury but he is a young man with a bright future the same as 90 or 95% of the lads in that dressing room. Look there is a bright future there and that is what we are striving towards, working for that," the manager added.

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