Tuesday 19 February 2019

Corey thrilled to get two points

Sligo manager Cathal Corey said after the game that he was very happy with the win especially a week after the disappointment of losing to Armagh. The Tyrone man said: "I always find over the years the first two points are the hardest to get so it's great now we have two points up on the table.

"It wasn't great at times, sometimes I though we played some nice ball and then other times we gave the ball away a lot and we had the game maybe won twice and we let them back twice into it. But they (Wexford) did that last weekend against Fermanagh too and they do come back. I'm a wee bit disappointed over that but delighted to get the two points.

"It's something we're going to have to work at this week in training. I suppose we were under a wee bit of pressure today too.

"We knew we had to win today and sometimes when you are under that wee bit of pressure you do tighten up and you'd be a bit nervous. There's still things in the game that I seen today that I liked.

"We got a chance to bring on six subs too and I felt that they added to it too. I thought Liam Gaughan when he came on was fantastic.

"We have loads to work on with Fermanagh next Sunday and they are flying. We are just going to have a lot of work to do this week to compete with them," the manager added.

He praised the efforts of James Clark after he came on too. "James caught a ball out under the stand there and it was a vital kick out for us to win, they were after scoring 1-1 and we needed to win that ball, it was a vital ball and he did brilliantly to win it for us."

He also noted the experience of the likes of Ross Donovan and Eoin McHugh in defence. "We had Ross in there at the backline and he was talking across the lines, encouraging the boys and keeping them going and I though Eoin McHugh was brilliant today too. He did his job well as a defender but then he also helped us link the play too.

"I thought Paddy O'Connor was excellent today too, he got through the middle a lot too, he could have kicked two or three more scores but I thought he had a great game.

"Sean Carrabine was excellent out there at number 12, he was great too. Niall Murphy is the type of player that will play where we need him. Today we had him at centre-half forward, full-forward and ten we had him back out working around the middle for us. Niall's one of those utility players you can play any role and do any role for us today. Niall's getting fitter every match we play now and hopefully now he will be a big player for us come the rest of the year."

Looking ahead to Sunday, Cathal said it will be tough, "Fermanagh's going to be a different intensity, far more intensity and more pace with them and probably more danger with them too. They have five or six boys who can all score at will so we will have a lot of work to do this week. But we'll start on Tuesday night looking at Fermanagh and Sunday's game." He added that it was great to have Adrian McIntyre back and Kevin McDonnell is also close to returning from injury. "He's just mad to get a jersey on and get out on the field and it will be great to see him and hopefully we'll see him next weekend," he said.

Cathal said he was impressed with the large crowd too in Markievicz on Sunday. "It's great to be here in Markievicz, the stadium is lovely and there's a good decent crowd here and hopefully on Sunday we will get a good go at Fermanagh," the manager added.

Sligo Champion