Friday 20 September 2019

Sligo's 'Nose of Tralee'

Ciara Galvin

Local dog, George, or 'Wonky Ear' as he is now affectionately known is in the running to win a pet of the year competition.

George, a cross between a pug and a terrier has a unique physical attribute - one of his ears is permanently cocked after a cone was removed from around his head.

Owner, Fiona Timoney from Rathcormac explained to The Sligo Champion that after consulting a vet about his ear she was told there was nothing wrong, and since then George has embraced his unique look.

"He sleeps with it up so he's constantly on guard. It makes him stand out," she says.

Now Fiona hopes her pooch can win the coveted 'Nose of Tralee' title and prove that her underdog can become a 'wonder dog'.

"I just saw somebody I knew enter their pet so I said 'Why not".

She continued, "He's so loving and gives strangers more attention than he pays us, he's the friendliest little thing.

"We could have chosen his sister Mildred but we thought why not choose him."

Fiona said her pooch is very comfortable in his own fur and poses for photos knowing he's 'quite the handsome devil'.

The one-year-old has learned all kinds of tricks to impress his owners including playing dead and agility running through tunnels.

According to his owner, George's favourite things to do include doing jack-rabbit impressions in long grass, fetching sticks ten times his size and playing catch and lick with his twin sister Mildred.

George is loving his newfound celebrity status in the run-up to the winner being announced on August 27th and will be attending events around Sligo in the coming weeks so keep an eye and an ear out for him.

"He's got his sash now and he doesn't mind wearing it so we're going to go along to all the events around Sligo over the next few weeks."

She also plans on putting up posters across Sligo to let everyone know how they can vote for their 'County Nose' ahead of the deadline on August 27th next.

Fiona said she would love for George to win but assured she is not a 'stage mom'. "It's all a bit of fun but I'd love if he won. I think he is a beautiful creature but he is against some stiff competition," she said.

The Pet Sitters Ireland Nose of Tralee competition, this year sponsored by Tesco Ireland, is in its sixth year.

Each year crowning a new Nose at the same time as the Rose of Tralee.

Over 1,000 pets entered the competition this year - all hoping to become the 2019 Nose of Tralee.

Thirty-two 'Noses' have been selected to represent their county and a public vote will now decide between 29 dogs and 3 cats who will take the title of 2019 Nose of Tralee.

The winner will receive prizes from Sponsors Pet Sitters Ireland, Tesco Ireland, David MaCauley Photography and Pet Connection.

To register your vote for George visit

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