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Report requested on Coney Island works

Borough District of Sligo council meeting

A local councillor has called for a report to be furnished on necessary works to the wall, pier and dune fencing at Coney Island.

Cllr Declan Bree told the recent meeting of the Borough District of Sligo: "A number of years ago we received a small grant from the then Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht for minor improvement works on Coney Island.

"While the grant aid was minimal it was nonetheless welcome as an addition to matching funds provided by the Council which allowed us carry out improvements on the road network on the island.

"It also allowed the Council to reinforce the defence wall at the entrance to the island which has been undermined by the sea. The Council has also been providing dune fencing on the northern shore of the island, and the work which was carried out last year has been very much welcomed.

"Further dune fencing is required in addition to pier protection works. I am therefore asking that a report be provided on the proposed wall and pier protection works and dune fencing on Coney Island, including details of the grant aid required for the works."

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