Monday 26 August 2019

Over 600 await cataract surgery

The waiting list for Sligo University Hospital relating to cataract surgery for older people is over 600 according to Councillor Chris MacManus.

"iT'S mainly older people in our region who are waiting for what is usually a straight-forward and minor procedure'.

Councillor MacManus added: "Figures released to my office by Sinn Féin's Health spokesperson Louise O'Reilly TD have detailed the extent of the staggering waiting times and waiting lists for cataract surgery across the State.

"In Sligo University Hospital 615 people are on waiting lists for cataract surgery, which is 10% of the state-wide total of 6,151 waiting for the procedure. Most worryingly of all regarding SUH's waiting list is that 58 of these people have been over a year awaiting treatment.

"Cataract procedures usually take around 10 minutes to perform, so we must question why there are so many patients waiting on this operation and crucially why any patient is waiting over a year for treatment.

"Patients suffer when they have to wait for cataract surgery, they lose sight, they lose independence, they can have accidents from falls, and all this costs patients' and the health service more.

"And while the award-winning Sligo Cataract Scheme has received praise thanks to the scheme's cost-neutral nature, we need to ensure that adequate resources are made available to reduce the numbers waiting for any length of time for this procedure."

Sligo Champion