Tuesday 15 October 2019

What's at the top of your New Year's resolutions list?

Noel crossan

'My main resolution is to get fit and keep fit'

Maeve Prunty

'I want to walk a bit more than I do now and visit people who are sick.'

David gilmartin

'I haven't really made a list. Guess my resolution is to not make a list as I will only break them.'

Stephen Mcpadden

'I want to quit smoking and get healthier.'

Michelle Keaveney

'Well I'm getting married in July so top of my list is to lose weight and get fit.'

Brid Keaveney

'I'm going to enjoy Christmas but in the New Year become more health aware.'

Rita sheridan

'In the mornings I love a lie in so I want to start going to bed early and getting up early to get things done.'

Mary canny

'I want to start slimming classes, tone up, and look after my health more.'

Pamela Lavin

'I want to get fitter and start doing more running.'

Christina Bruen

'My resolution is to be more forgiving and less judgemental.'

Margaret kelly

'I will try to be on time for different functions and to go easy on the sweet things.'

Paddy Mannion

'I want to try to cut down on the cigarettes and get healthier.'

Sligo Champion