Wednesday 21 February 2018

What is your New Year's resolution for 2013?


BRIAN BERRY "Try to get fit and cut out all the bad stuff, especially as we survived the end of the world!" JAMES GRENNAN "Not to make any resolutions!" ANNE ROPER "No, I don't usually do them.

I suppose that people make them to break them!" DEIRDRE SHEAHAN "My New Year resolution is to be less stressed, to enjoy life with plenty of laughter, instead of worrying about the small things." SCOSAMH O LUANA "No, I don't have one - they're never kept!" ANDREW LANG "To go see Sligo Rovers as many times that I can." PETER FLAHERTY "No, I never make resolutions. They are a waste of time, people never keep them." CAROLINE SHEAHAN "I hope to have more leisure time." BILL HEALY "I'm making a few, the main ones are to learn a language and improve my skiing." ANGELA LANG "I want to run a faster PB in the marathon." MONICA MCELHINNEY "I've no intentions of making New Year resolutions. Live every day like it's the last!" JOHN DOYLE "I'll try to eat less takeaways."

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