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What did you think of the new RTÉ drama Charlie?

Gerry Conlon

'I think it's a very good series. The first episode was very lively. Charlie was exceptionally well portrayed by Aidan Gillen but I think it might get a few comments.'

Mary Probst

'I thought it was really good. The acting by Aidan Gillen was brilliant. He really studied Charlie's mannerisms. I will definitely keep watching.'

Christy Brady

'I've watched it. I met Charlie Haughey three times. To what degree he was involved in skulduggery is everyone's own opinion. The actor playing Sean Doherty got his physical resemblance very good.'

Susan Harte

'I loved the first episode because it was very close to the truth. The acting was excellent and I'll keep watching.'

Michael Finn

'I thought it set the standard high for RTÉ but sometimes you couldn't follow who the characters were. The Vivaldi music at the party was tacky but Gillen got Charlie's body language down.'

Nora Gorman

'It was very good and well acted. I don't know if much of it is true or not. It might be a bit far fetched in places but I'll keep watching.'

Thomas McGowan

'It was 70 per cent accurate. Aidan Gillen resembles Charlie but he was a bit older and mature looking. He doesn't do the stare, the way Charlie would look the person down. I'll keep watching.'

Hugh Mullan

'It was pretty good. Aidan Gillen's acting was good too. Charlie comes across slightly dictatorial.'

Tommy Gillespie

'I didn't watch it because it's too ficticious and there are a lot of actors from Love/Hate. Gillen doesn't even look like Charlie. It's the same old story, asking us to tighten our belts. Last thing I would watch.'

Betty McGowan

'It was very realistic. It gives a great insight. Very dramatic and wonderful acting. I'll keep watching.'

Martin 'Scruffy' Duffy

'It was good fun. I don't take these things too serious. It probably doesn't tell the true story because of drama but it's something to watch on a Sunday. It's not as good as Love/Hate though.'

David Dolan

'I didn't watch it. I've no interest really because it's a fictional account. The facts about what happened are still too fresh in people's minds.'

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