Thursday 19 April 2018

We can learn a thing or two from Jim Mcguinness

Dear Madam, Where is the Jim McGuinness of Economics?

A man or woman of ideas who realises that our present method of playing Economic Games is pointless and futile and will lead only to further defeat, failure and misery.

We have the players; we have the skills; we have shown we can hold our own with any Nationality on Earth in terms of invention, innovation and productivity.

We have often "boxed" successfully above our weight.

But there will be no Economic flag waving, no lifting the cup of prosperity, no basking in the glory of success.

Just austerity, hardship, insecurity and despondency.

Jim McGuinness achieved his dream by thinking differently; devising a method pf play that suited his players; committing to a logic that worked.

Thinking differently is a Red Card offense in "Economic Ireland" carrying a lifetime ban it would seem.

Our Management Team has no such ambition; content to enjoy the "travelling allowance", perks and privilege which they guard with vicious justification impervious to the futility of their "Game Plan" or the hopelessness and despair of their followers.

Jim McGuinness thought new thoughts and prospered; Economic Ireland's Team plays old strategies in a new game and advance further up a league of failure where we will surely be champions some day soon. Yours, Padraic Neary, Tubbercurry, Co. Sligo.