Thursday 26 April 2018

VIEW from the STREET

Should students be refused third-level grants if their parents failed to pay the household charge?



I don't think there should be any household charge." JOHN REYNOLDS "Yes. I think it's right. Everybody should pay their taxes." CAROLINE ROONEY "No. Why should students who come from low income families have to suffer?" PEARL KELLY "I think it's ridiculous. It's not right at all." AISLING O'CONNOR "No. I don't think it's right. There shouldn't be a household charge. And it's not the students' fault if the parents don't pay the charge." ANN GILMARTIN "I don't think it's right. I think students are entitled to grants and it shouldn't be dependant on whether the parents paid the charge or not." MICHAEL MULLIGAN "If you don't pay your taxes and VAT you are in trouble. I do not see any reason why they should not pay the household charge. But it's not fair on the kids." JOHN McGOWAN "Oh, no way. Students have nothing got to do with the house. If families haven't got the money, how can they pay it?" FRANK GALLAGHER "That's unfair. It's not the students' fault if the household tax isn't paid." KEVIN GILES "Definitely not. The students are there to get educated so they can find themselves jobs and without that the country would be in turmoil." PETER DONOHER "Definitely not. If parents didn't pay, they probably couldn't afford to. Students shouldn't suffer because of the parents." KELLY LOFTUS "Definitely not. There won't be as many of us going to college in the future if we don't get the grants and we will end up emigrating."