Sunday 21 January 2018

Thanks for all the support

Dear Madam, I am writing to thank the people of County Sligo most sincerely for the support they have shown for Trócaire's work throughout 2012.

The economic environment here at home has not been an easy one and this makes the support Sligo people have shown even more remarkable. People from Co. Sligo have stepped up to the mark and shown an incredible regard for, and solidarity with, the world's poorest people during our Lenten campaign, by getting involved in Trad for Trócaire and by buying our Christmas 'Gifts of Change'.

Clergy, parishioners, volunteers, teachers, students, parents and many others have supported Trócaire's work, which could not continue without the generosity of Irish people. Thousands of families and communities in the developing world have benefited from this generosity - parents are now able to feed their families, children can go to school and the human rights of the most vulnerable people have been protected. I am delighted to be able to convey the thanks of the people we work with to the people of Co. Sligo for this support.

In 2013 Trócaire celebrates 40 years as an agency working in the developing world. We are proud to work on behalf of the people of Ireland and understand the huge responsibility we have to ensure that money from Co. Sligo is used effectively to help those who need it most. With your continuing support we will keep working for a just world.

We thank your readers and wish them all a very happy and peaceful 2013. Yours sincerely, Justin Kilcullen Executive Director, Trócaire

*** Dear Madam, Over the last number of years I have written to the Sligo Champion thanking readers for their support during the year.

Concern is heavily reliant on the generosity of the Irish public for the work it does in 25 of the world's poorest countries.

We never take your support for granted. We can't. I have been Chief Executive Officer at Concern since 2001.

In February, I leave the aid agency to work as Chairman of the newly formed Constitutional Convention.

It has been an extraordinary journey where I have witnessed some of the greatest pain and suffering in the world.

But, I have also seen firsthand the very best of the human spirit.

In the midst of devastating earthquakes, horrendous floods and shocking hunger, people perform unimaginable heroic deeds.

For every euro Concern receives, 91 cent goes directly to work in the field - something which gives me great pride.

We are living in difficult economic times and I am conscious of the strains placed upon people and families.

I thank you for your continued support and wish you a joyful and happy New Year. Yours, Tom Arnold, Chief Executive Officer, Concern Worldwide, 52 - 55 Camden Street, Dublin 2.

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