Wednesday 21 February 2018

Register tank now to avail of reduced fee

Dear Editor,

I'm urging all owners of domestic wastewater treatment systems to register their systems before September 28 at the reduced €5 fee.

A €50 charge will apply thereafter and all registrations must be completed on by 1st February 2013.

I have renewed this call following on from figures which I received from the Department of the Environment, showing that only 10% of systems in Sligo and 9% in Leitrim had been registered up this week.

The registration and inspection of domestic wastewater systems has been introduced following a European Court of Justice ruling against Ireland in 2009.

It aims to protect ground and surface water quality, particularly drinking water, from malfunctioning systems.

I have been assured by the Department that future inspections will not simply seek to impose modern standards on older systems. Yours, Senator Michael Comiskey

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