Friday 23 March 2018

Pepper spray

When Gardai searched a house they found a can of pepper spray in a press, Sligo Court heard.

Summoned for the unauthorised possession of the can on February 12th last at 12 Courthouse Drive, Grange was Gary Gerard.

Inspector Sean McGinty said the defendant's house was searched under warrant and a grinder was found along with three cigarette ends which turned out to be cannabis.

In a press there was a can of pepper spray and in a wardrobe was an extendable baton.

Mr. Eddie Henry, solicitor (defending), pleaded the can had not been used and had been in the press for the previous twelve months.

The defendant got it as a gift from a friend returning from Turkey.

He didn't know it was an offence to have it.

Judge Kevin Kilrane fined Gerard €300.