Monday 18 December 2017

New nurses deserve better

Dear Madam, I'm writing this letter on Christmas Eve. I'm listening to the radio. Every second request is for all those nurses who do such brilliant and unselfish jobs at Christmas and, indeed, throughout the year. Amen to that say I.

What I cannot at all understand is that this present government, through the less than enlightened agency of the HSE, has decided that all new nurse graduates are now to be offered a very temporary contract and only 80% of the normal starting pay.

What kind of a Christmas present is that?

These bright new graduates have studied long and hard and they are entitled to have certain hopes and expectations. Possibly, they are far better trained than many who went before them. Certainly, they are no less dedicated. The thanks and appreciation they are now offered is a kick in the teeth.

In my opinion, it behoves Irish society to back these nurses in their campaign for fairness and equality of esteem. The HSE has distinguished itself only in the vast overspends it has made.

I urge the government to start its pruning at the very top levels of the HSE with less numbers, lesser salaries and, more especially, less expenses. It is nothing short of a crime to attack the caring professions and to rob them of due reward for their labours and professional skills. Yours, Des Guckian, Dromod

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