Wednesday 22 November 2017

Marian awarded 'MEP of the Year'

SLIGO'S Marian Harkin won the 'MEP of the Year' award in Brussels last week for the second year in a row.

She won the Outstanding Contribution award last year for her efforts throughout the European Year of Volunteering.

This year's award relates to the EU Employment and Social Affairs category.

Ms. Harkin said she was honoured to be awarded twice: "These are challenging times for Europeans everywhere and I sincerely hope that the efforts of my colleagues and I play some small part in the bigger challenge of finding practical, innovative solutions to help return the EU to growth and employment.

"During this economic crisis, when European citizens are under pressure, we need a counterbalance to austerity, and the work of the Parliament's Employment and Social Affairs Committee is extremely important in this regard, both in the proposals we put forward and the ideas we articulate."

Harkin is involved with the European Globalisation Fund, finance strategies, efforts to combat youth unemployment, and improving workplace safety.

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