Wednesday 21 February 2018

Letters to the editor


There is much comment on the recently revealed renumeration rates of RTE presenters.

Many are critical and suggest overpayment of those whose purpose is to inform, enlighten and entertain us.

There is suggestion that value for money is dubious if not entirely absent.

I make no judgement on those who entertain but suggest the coverage of the greatest economic crisis for many generations is gravely inadequate and severely lacking in logic and insight.

Despite endless hours of debate, analysis and conjecture not one single highly paid, some might say obscenely overpaid, presenter of news, current affairs or public debate programmes on RTE has ever asked if technological achievement has in any way contributed to the economic morass.

Technology has changed practically every aspect of living in the modern world; fortunately for the better in most instances.

It is very difficult therefore to understand how no "professional" on the RTE news, current affairs and public debate payroll ever considered if technology plays any part in changing the Economic Model which has gone so awry in recent years.

It is as if there was a blanket ban on such thinking or unimaginable as it may seem, a policy of censorship of broadcasting such ideas was being enforced.


Padraic Neary,


Co Sligo.

Sligo Champion

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