Monday 23 October 2017

Letters: My experience in the West Bank

Dear Madam,

Well done to Declan Bree and Joe McGowan for drawing attention last week to the moral support shown to the Israeli Ambassador by the civic reception given by the Mayor Ms McGarry in Sligo.

I have just come back from the West Bank where I witnessed at first hand what could only be described as an extreme form of apartheid.

Two aspects which dominate the daily lives of Palestinians were not aired on the programme.

Firstly, the continuing encroachment of illegal settlements on Palestinian land, which the Israeli Government is actively promoting in breach of International Law.

Secondly, the ongoing building of the Apartheid Wall, which is three times higher than the Berlin Wall and will eventually run to over 700km, also in contravention of International Law.

The wall imposes an economic, social, cultural and psychological division, separating communities from one another, and even families, cutting them off from key services such as hospitals and schools and their places of worship.

It makes accessing them, via military checkpoints, difficult, time consuming and, above all, humiliating.

Anyone who opposes the Israeli regime is immediately branded anti-Semitic, and yet there are many within Israel and the Jewish community worldwide, such as Jewish Voice for Peace and Zochrot, that abhor and oppose what is being done in their name by the State of Israel.


Aine Daly

Keash, Co. Sligo

Sligo Champion