Thursday 22 March 2018

Is the reduction in trains on the Sligo-Dublin line affecting you?


MICHAEL GARVEY "I think it's terrible.

They should be increasing the times, not reducing. When you compare the price of petrol, people are taking the train instead." MICHAEL FEENEY "For students, it's ridiculous. It's going to make students' lives harder. Many trying to get home on Fridays may have to leave on Thursdays." PATSY McGLYNN "This will be hassle for people working in Sligo. Particularly areas like Boyle and Carrick on Shannon. From Dublin, I it will affect those travelling to Mullingar." GERRY FOLEY "This will affect the business community moving up and down to Dublin. If people have appointments, they will have to work around the times, which is annoying." AISLING O'CONNELL "I have read about it. I think it's ridiculous, they don't even have enough carriages as it is. It's good to have the option of the train, as the bus takes about five hours!" VERNON SHAW "I suppose it's not very good, but if they aren't getting the numbers and they are losing money, then it's understandable. I hear they are hiking prices, which is not good." SAVANNAH McCAFFERTY "I use it quite a bit. This is pretty bad. If you are making plans, now you'll have to work around the times. Students will definitely be affected." JOE MEEHAN "My wife and I use it a lot, I think 6p.m. is a bit early for the last train. They could leave the one at 7p.m. and change one in the middle of the day instead." PAT ROONEY "I think for a town of it's size, there are too many trains running. They aren't used much. For tourists coming here, I think that most of them hire a car." RENA GALLAGHER "This is not good. I use the 7p.m. train to Dublin a lot. Changing it to 6p.m. will affect me and a lot of others." SIOBHAN FALLON "This isn't going to suit everyone. The last train from Sligo at 6p.m. is too early. Not everyone is finished work at that time. It will isolate Sligo." SHANE McKENNA "I don't use the train all that much, but for students I'd assume that it will be more difficult. And 6p.m. is too early."