Tuesday 20 March 2018

Elderly caregiving tips and information

LOOKING AFTER the aged is no easy task. Intricate details of their surroundings need to be taken under consideration while taking good care of them. The most important part of elderly caregiving is to treat them as equals and with respect.

Role reversals are an obvious truth of growing up. Just as elders took care of you when you were a child, it is your turn now to look after them. Taking care of the elderly is more ways than one is like looking after a child, however, it differs in many subtle ways too. It takes great compassion, patience and love for such a task, to execute it to the perfection. The elderly need a companion because with age, they become incapable of looking after themselves and need assistance.


Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to looking after the elderly. Slippery surfaces, sharp objects and pets in the house are capable of causing minor accidents with major repercussions of the elderly. Thus, it is extremely important to create safe surroundings for the elderly while looking after them.

With age, the mental mindset of people tends to become more like a child's. However, their physical fitness does not support their childlike behavior. For instance, diabetic patients will crave for sweet food items or the elderly will insist on doing everything on their own. At such times the situation needs to be handled with maturity.

If you rush into explaining them anything, the effort will only be in vain and it can upset the individual too. A minor argument or a harmless squabble which can unnecessarily excite the person, can lead to high blood pressure. A risk as such is definitely avoidable if you treat the issue calmly.

Elderly persons with physical ailments are often told to exercise and maintain a diet by the doctors. Following a routine which adheres to both, all by themselves, is a little difficult for the elderly. Thus, helping them to exercise, many times coaching them and ensuring that they eat a proper diet is a part of any caregiver's job description and must be done diligently.

Elderly persons need express themselves and vent out their bottled emotions. Thus listening is an important part of caring for the elderly. All they need is someone to talk to. So, listen to what they have to say and be proactive in making conversations with them.