Tuesday 12 December 2017

Absurd to call Budget 'fair'

Dear Madam, Those of us who live in the real world, know quite well that the Budget was the biggest and most disastrous of about 50 ' budgets' we have had imposed on us during the past year.

We already knew that bus and rail fares, VHI costs, new driving licences (more than doubled) etc were galloping upwards, well ahead of inflation.

I heard two government ministers claim a big success in that our unemployment is slightly down.

Good God, did they not even consider the 72,000, mostly young people, who left Ireland, in disgust, during the past year?

There was great talk about how "fair" the budget was. That is abusing the word "fair". Just before the budget, all of the political parties agreed to fully safeguard their future pension entitlements.

Cuts to jobseekers' benefits, together with drops in child benefits, the household benefits package and, especially, in respite care grants gives the lie to any claim of "fairness".

Parents on average incomes, with young families, are about to be crucified.

I've a gut feeling that turning the collection of household charges over to the revenue is a very dangerous legal precedent.

The budget we were given lacks mercy. We are victims of corrupt expediency. Des Guckian, Dromod, Co Leitrim.

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