Monday 20 November 2017

Very proud of award-winning Rossanos 

MARESE SWEENEY, Manager of Rossanos Hair Design and Beauty based in Wine Street in Sligo. Marese is very proud of the achievements Rossanos have received over the years a list that is long. The latest one under their belt was a few weeks ago when they received Best Salon in Sligo award. I was also shortlisted for Sligo's Best Stylist. I felt a sense of pride in being voted for both these awards best salon and best stylist, it means a lot especially as it was our clients that did the nominating.

Taking the time to listen and care at Mcpartlan Opticians 

CLIONA MCPARTLAN OPTOMETRIST/OWNER OF MCPARTLAN OPTICIANS WE opened our business on September 29, 2001, nearly 11 years ago to the day. I can't believe how much we have achieved and how hard we have worked since then and it has been no easy task. It is a small business and we have five employees all working to their full potential. Over this time, I have learned a lot about being in business, and , as a mother of three young children, I have had to learn how to compromise. It can be certainly be...