Sunday 16 June 2019

WWI memorial garden plans

Drawing of what the proposed Garden of Remembrance will look like at Cleveragh
Drawing of what the proposed Garden of Remembrance will look like at Cleveragh

Drawings have been unveiled for the planned World War One Garden Of Remembrance at Cleveragh in Sligo.

Over 600 people from County Sligo lost their lives in the Great War with some 5,000 men from here volunteering to fight with the British army.

On the Centenary of the ending of World War One in November 2018, Sligo County Council in partnership with a community based committee Lest Sligo Forgets have put in place plans to remember the war dead of Sligo.

The Council has provided a site to be developed by Lest Sligo Forgets committee into a memorial garden to the Sligo dead of World War One. The site is located at Cleveragh on the edge of Lough Gill. It is envisaged the council will landscape the site according to an agreed design while the Lest Sligo Forgets committee will source and erect eight sculpted granite pieces which will list the names of those who died.

On the 11th of November 2018, Sligo County Council and Lest Sligo Forgets partnership will organise a sod turning ceremony at the site. Work will then commence with a view to officially opening the Memorial Garden next year.

Lest Sligo Forgets is a community initiative promoting remembrance of Sligo's Great War dead.

Projects include The Sligo Armistice Day and County Sligo Great War Memorial Garden. Funding has been awarded as part of Sligo County Council's Local Authority Action Plan under the PEACE IV Programme, which is managed by the Special EU Programmes Body.

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