Tuesday 19 February 2019

Works halted at Ash Lane site

The scene at Ash Lane last Tuesday as an attempt was made to bring machinery on to the Glenview halting site.
The scene at Ash Lane last Tuesday as an attempt was made to bring machinery on to the Glenview halting site.

Paul Deering

Sligo Traveller Support Group are calling on the public to join a silent protest at County Hall on Monday June 11th at 9.30 am prior to the monthly council meeting.

It follows an attempt last Tuesday morning to move heavy machinery on to the Glenview halting site on Ash Lane apparently to dig trial holes in advance of the planned refurbishment scheme where it has been proposed the McGinley family move there from Connaughton Road and share the site with the Ward family who have lived there since it opened.

Sligo Traveller Support Group has again reiterated its opposition to the proposed plans for the site on the basis on a lack of consultation with the Local Traveller Accommodation Consultative Committee (LTACC) and the family already living at Glenview.

"At approximately 9.30am Council staff and contractors arrived with the machinery and intended moving onto the site to carry out work related to the proposed Glenview redevelopment plans.

"STSG representatives arrived shortly after to support the family.

"The council and contractors were adamant that they were going to enter the site but were informed by the family that they did want the machinery on the site because of the numbers of children whose safety would be under threat. After over three hours the Council eventually withdrew the machinery.

"STSG are calling on elected Councillors to reject the Glenview plans when they come before the June meeting," said a spokesman for the group, Jamie Murphy.

Bernadette Maughan of Sligo Traveller Support Group said: "We are asking Councillors to vote against this development due to the lack of consultation with the LTACC, and families.

"We have submitted over 200 local objections and letters from Pavee Point and the Irish Traveller Movement.

"We hope the Councillors on the day will take our advice and that of, the families involved, listen to the public objections and vote against these plans."

The council said it would not be making a comment on last week's events at Ash Lane.

Sligo Champion