Tuesday 22 October 2019

Woman 'rang 999 to complain about chips'


A 21-YEAR-OLD woman described as "bold as brass" by Judge Kevin Kilrane rang 999 to complain about the quality of her chips, Sligo District Court heard last week.

Before the court was Melissa Gaffey, Racecourse View, Cranmore, who was fined €500 for disorderly conduct at Castle Street in Sligo on October 9th last. A summons for having been drunk on the occasion was "taken into consideration."

Garda Alan Murray told the court that at about 1.40 a.m. he was stopped by Gaffey outside Bests Chipper in Castle Street. She put her head in the window and said she had some issues with her food. The garda station had received a number of 999 calls complaining about food. She was extremely drunk, told him to "f** off," and was very aggressive. She was asked to leave and failed to do so.

She was arrested and had to be restrained. She lay on the floor and tried to strike out at Garda Murray. In the garda station, she threw a chair and the custody record on the floor. She lifted up her clothes and exposed herself.

Gaffey said she had sat down to eat and she got pulled by the shoulder and dragged out the door of the chip shop. A garda told her he was arresting her.

She said she made no telephone calls. She wasn't drunk and had only three or four drinks and they were alcopops. It was "not true" that she became abusive in the garda station, she said.

Judge Kilrane said Gaffey was either out of her mind with drink or drugs or both. Her behaviour was a disgrace and if she had any decency, she could have come into the court with shame. Instead, she came in and said it "never happened."

"Did you ever hear such a ridiculous story that the gardai came in and pulled her out of a chipper for no reason and brought her up to the station," said Judge Kilrane, adding that she was very lucky she was not going to prison.

At the same court the Probation Act was applied in respect of Elizabeth Corcoran, Racecourse View, Cranmore, for disorderly behaviour on the same date at Sligo Garda Station.

Garda Gerard Dillon told the court how Corcoran was in the public area because her friend, Melissa Gaffey, had been brought in. Corcoran was making a nuisance of herself and shouting to her friend. She was unsteady and argumentative. She refused to go home.

Corcoran said she went to the garda station because she was concerned about Gaffey and she was going to give her food. She denied engaging in disorderly behaviour in the garda station.

"She has no previous convictions and I will give her a chance," said Judge Kilrane.