Wednesday 25 April 2018

Wine Street Car Park Review not done due to staffing cuts

Sligo County Council meeting

Sorcha Crowley

Councillor Declan Bree has expressed disappointment that a review of the long-standing Wine Street Car Park development has still not been carried out.

Council Chief Executive Ciarán Hayes said it was down to staff and financial shortages.

Cllr Bree had tabled a motion calling on Mr Hayes to provide a report to the Council on the review of the project, along with details of who owns all the properties originally included.

Director of Services Dorothy Clarke told Cllr Bree a review of the Centre Block Masterplan will be undertaken as part of the preparation of the Sligo and Environs Local Area Plan.

Public consultation on this plan will only start after the County Development Plan has been adopted (later this month).

The lands are now owned by Sligo County Council.

"I'm very disappointed with the response that we don't have a report," said Cllr Bree.

He said when he last tabled a motion on the issue back in 2015, he was told there would be a review carried out in 2016 and he'd have a report back in the first half of 2016.

"I don't find this acceptable," he said.

"It would not inspire confidence in the Council," he added. Chief Executive Ciarán Hayes told Cllr Bree that there had been "slippage" on getting the review of Wine Street carried out.

"That's down to staff and financial shortages," he said, adding that they had not been in a position to stick to their plan of reviewing it.

Councillors meanwhile set a date of Monday 31st of July to set a date to adopt the Draft County Development Plan 2017-2023.

At that special meeting, members will discuss Ciarán Hayes third report on submissions regarding proposed amendments to the plan.

Once they have agreed on all amendments, they will adopt the new Plan.

Sligo Champion