Monday 20 November 2017

When Ferguson and Big Jack flew in to Sligo for Sean

SOME OF the most iconic figures in football, including Manchester United supremo, Alex Ferguson and former Republic of Ireland manager, Jack Charlton, travelled to Sligo to pay tribute to Sean Fallon in 2002.

It was part of special celebrations organised in the town to mark Sean's 80th birthday.

One of the organisers, Sean Cunningham, recalls the remarkable response to the event.

"We put out a lot of feelers and we were astonished by the response.

"People like Alex Ferguson and Jack Charlton had no hesitation in coming.

"Packie Bonner was there as well and some of the leading Civic figures in Glasgow travelled to Sligo too.

"It just shows the esteem in which Sean was held in football circles and beyond.

"He really was an iconic figure," says Cunningham.

Cunningham described Sean Fallon as the greatest Sligo ambassador ever.

"In my opinion, he was the greatest Sligoman that ever lived," he maintained.

"He was a true sporting icon who achieved success at the highest level in football. "But he was always a Sligoman at heart. "He never lost his distinctive Sligo accent and nothing pleased him more than coming back to Sligo and chatting with the locals about all things Celtic and football generally."

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