Sunday 17 December 2017

What Rovers players do off the ball

THE BREAK in the football season will give Sligo Rovers' inspirational defender, Jason McGuinness, a chance to spend more time with his three years old daughter, Abby.

"Football is a huge part of my life but nothing means more to me than Abby and I can't wait to spend more time with her," he says.

Jason has had two outstanding years with Rovers and is unsure where the future will take him now that his contract with the Bit O'Red has expired.

He might still end up returning to the club but, for now, he's relishing the opportunity to switch off and relax after Rovers' demanding season.

"Some professional footballers might find it hard to fill in the time when they're not playing but I'm lucky that I have a wonderful little girl.

"During the season, everything is geared around football and it more or less takes over your life

"I missed out on a lot of family occasions during the season so it will be nice now to have time to relax."

Relaxation for Jason means spending as much time as possible with Abby.

He explains: "I'm really looking forward to that.

"Maybe we'll have a nice little holiday and generally just be around each other.

"And of course we're really looking forward to Christmas which will be really special."

As a professional, he readily accepts the sacrifices which go hand in hand with the job.

"Parties and socialising are out of the question during the season.

"It is tough at times but the rewards can be great.

"Winning a League medal this year more than made up for missing the odd party," he insists.

Jason spent the last two winters in Riverstown but will be returning to Dublin for the close-season this year as he ponders his future. "I absolutely loved Riverstown. "The people there are so friendly and welcoming.

"And the people of Sligo generally have been great to me and my family.

"There's still a chance that I will be back here next year but whatever happens I will always regard my two years in Sligo as the greatest in my career."

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