Monday 18 December 2017

'We are a community within a community'

Sinead Healy

Members of the Ransboro Development group have celebrated their 40th anniversary, looking back at all they have achieved over the years.

The development was set up in 1977 and has been providing a range of different community services for the area.

It carries out work such as general clean ups of the area, planting flowers, restoring the old graveyard along with a host of social events.

Brian McHugh, Vice-Chairperson and PRO believes the group is a 'community within a community' and does tremendous work throughout the Ransboro area.

"There is a social aspect to the group but also we help improve the physical side of the community - we are currently working on the upgrade work of the Ransboro roundabout that will involve the construction of a kerbing along the edge of the roads of the roundabout.

"We are thankful for all the volunteers involved and it creates great community spirit for the area," said Brian.

One of the biggest projects in the last 40 years was the opening of the community park development in June 1992 (pictured).

The anniversary celebrations took place recently when Pat Savage, one of the founding members of the development and Jolene McHugh who has served more than 32 years were honoured to cut the cake.

There was an enjoyable night of celebrations with music and light refreshments. Many former members from earlier years of the organisation attended and shared their memories of projects undertaken back then.

There was great excitement for the slide show of old photographs displayed on the night.

The Ransboro Development will hold their annual 10k on June 24th next.

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