Sunday 16 June 2019

Water supply is 'dwindling'

Jenny McCudden

After 40 days of little to no rain water supplies across the country continue to be restricted. In Sligo, the north of the county is worst affected.

Sinn Fein Councillor Thomas Healy paid a visit to the area last week and described the public water supply for the majority of North Sligo as 'particularly vulunerable.'

He said:"This is an unprecedented dry spell which really has to be seen in the context of a series of extreme weather events over the past year especially.

"There are huge consequences from this drought and I would like to congratulate the people for their civic-minded approach to water conservation."

He continued: "North Sligo however is especially vulnerable as the water supply is a natural one from the Gortnaleck and Lyle streams and the lack of rainfall is accelerating the reduction in this water supply rapidly.

"This is the supply for Carney, Maugherow, Grange, Cliffoney, Mullaghmore and surrounding townlands and residents are increasingly concerned about their water service."

Councillor Healy said he has been in touch with Irish Water: "I have been working closely with Irish Water on this issue and in fairness to them they are monitoring the dwindling water supply closely and have agreed to supply water tankers if an alternative supply is needed."

Councillor Healy suggested plans to safeguard the water supply in the area for the future.

"In the longer term however I think that we need to consider a more stable water supply in the form of a purpose built reservoir.

"Our weather systems are changing and we need to adapt and plan ahead for a more uncertain future.

"I will be lobbying Irish Water and also submitting a motion to Sligo County Council in the coming days to ensure that north Sligo and its surrounds gets an equal water supply system as the rest of the county."

Sligo Champion