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Ursuline nuns plan move from convent

By Leo Gray The Ursuline Community in Sligo is moving home after 154 years at Finisklin.

The thirteen nuns currently residing in the Ursuline Convent are to move to a new residential building on Diocesan grounds at St. Mary’s, adjacent to Summerhill College.

The Convent has been home to the Ursuline community since 1850 and once had as many as eighty nuns living there. Numbers began to decline throughout the 1970s and there are currently just thirteen nuns residing there.

In recent years, part of the Convent has been incorporated into the Ursuline College, providing extra accommodation for classrooms.

The College, which has a student population of close to 700 girls, will continue to be located Finisklin. It is hoped that funding will soon be confirmed for a further extension to the school.

The Ursuline Sisters will continue to have a very strong presence at the College which they consider to be a very important part of their Ministry in Sligo.

The new residential unit for the Ursuline nuns at College Road will consist of a two-storey building, including twelve en-suite bedrooms, an oratory, dining room and kitchen, three sitting rooms and ancillary accommodation. Twelve car parking spaces will be provided as part of the overall plan.

A planning application in respect of the development will be lodged with Sligo Borough Council within the next week.