Wednesday 27 March 2019

Units designed to give sisters independent living

A dream home for the Mitchell sisters is just yards from the family home on what is a breathtaking site nestling beneath Knocknarea.

The dwellings, currently under construction and advancing rapidly are two separate units with a shared entrance.

They are designed to provide a home where Mairead and Aoibheann can live now and in the future. They are ground floor living spaces with open plan kitchen and living room.

The bedroom has an en suite wet-room designed and built in accordance with Wheelchair Association's Best Practice Access Guidelines. This necessitates doorways, corridors and rooms with larger dimensions than traditional residential construction.

The units will be fitted with non-slip floor finishes, handrails, hoists and other specialized and non-standard equipment. There is an additional bed-space for guest/carer at first floor level.

It is envisaged that the final cost will be circa € 300k.

The Mitchell sisters are unable to personally fund the project in the normal ways such as mortgage, savings etc. Their parents are earnestly trying to put the necessary funding in place.

Thankfully Sligo County Council are grant aiding the project with €29k.To secure this €29k grant all building work needs to be completed by Jan 2018.

With only four months to go to secure this funding, their extended family and friends are acutely aware of their plight and have decided to open the GoFundMe account.

This caters for all contributors in an open and transparent manner. It allows well-wishers a real concrete way of lending support.

These dwellings will allow Mairead and Aoibheann to live in two separate disabled friendly apartments next door to their mum and dad.

Upon completion, the Mitchell girls together with their family and friends will be having an open day where all those connected and supportive of the project will view the completed buildings.

The committee welcome all forms of fundraising: cake sales, charity walks and coffee mornings from concerned groups.

Sligo Champion