Monday 24 September 2018

Ulster Bank urged to turn lights on at ATM

County Councillor Keith Henry has called on Ulster Bank to turn the lights back on at their ATM outside the recently closed branch in Ballymote.

Councillor Henry has written to Ulster Bank management after a number of people complained to him about it.

"As a user of the ATM myself I could fully understand their concerns and the turning off of the external lights was one of the most notable features of the bank closure" he said.

"Any place where people are regularly withdrawing money in the dark is an ideal location for criminal activity, be that placing skimming devices on the ATM or theft.

"People have made mistakes using the ATM because they simply can't see what they're doing. Ulster Bank wouldn't allow this to happen at any of their existing branches so they shouldn't be so quick to forget about Ballymote." Cllr Henry added.

"All I'm asking Ulster Bank to do is simply turn the lights back on outside and allow people to see what they're doing. It's the least they could do for their customers considering the position the branch closure has left them in" he said.

Sligo Champion