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Two walkers suffer serious injuries in fall at North Sligo beauty spot


The injured walkers being brought to waiting ambulances on Saturday last.

The injured walkers being brought to waiting ambulances on Saturday last.

The injured walkers being brought to waiting ambulances on Saturday last.


Two walkers suffered serious injuries at the week-end at a well known beauty spot in North Sligo which has been the scene of several accidents in the past.

On Saturday the Sligo Leitrim Mountain Rescue Team were tasked to the Diarmuid and Grainne Cave in the Glenniff Valley by An Garda Siochana and the national ambulance service where two walkers had  suffered multiple injuries.

The two were part of a group of nine who were descending from the cave when the accident occurred.

Henry Doherty, Sligo Leitrim Mountain Rescue PRO said: “Fifteen Mountain Rescue Team members reached the scene of the incident, accompanied by three ambulances. Contact was established with the group who were able to give an initial assessment of the casualties to the incident commander.

"Both walkers had suspected spinal and lower leg injuries, Due to seriousness of the suspected injuries a party of five mountain rescue personnel and three paramedics were immediately tasked to the scene.

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“Members of the group had recently completed a first aid course which proved invaluable give the circumstances they were in. Once on scene, it was established a further two walkers had also been involved in the accident however they did not suffer any serious injuries and were able to descend the mountain without assistance.

"The paramedics assessed both casualties with suspected spinal and lower leg injuries. The first casualty suffered two broken ankles, an injured shoulder and was in severe pain. The second casualty was in the early stages of hypothermia and had several soft tissue injuries. Pain relief was administered by the paramedics to the injured walkers to alleviate the pain.

“The conditions on the day were extremely challenging with high winds, rain and fading light. Due to the worsening weather conditions and steepness of the terrain, a helicopter evacuation was not possible, and we requested assistance from the Northwest Mountain Rescue team to assist with stretcher evacuation,” stated Mr Doherty.

Both individuals were packaged onto two stretchers and the evacuation was slow to ensure the safety of the stretcher parties and the casualties. The injured parties were brought to the schoolhouse beneath Diarmuid and Grannie’s Cave where they was transferred by ambulance to Sligo University Hospital.

“The injuries suffered by the two walkers was serious but not life-threatening and we would like to wish the two walkers a speedy recovery from their injuries. Sligo Leitrim Mountain Rescue Team also wish to thank Northwest Mountain Rescue Team, An Garda Siochana and National Ambulance Service for their assistance in the operation,” said Mr Doherty.