Friday 22 March 2019

Two poles holding up much needed work outside school

Work underway near the two poles outside the school at Ballintogher
Work underway near the two poles outside the school at Ballintogher

Locals and road users are highly frustrated at the hold up in the development works in Ballintogher village due to the presence of an Eir pole in the vicinity of the school according to local councillor Thomas Healy.

He had lobbied for these works for some time but has expressed his disappointment at the sudden halt to the job with the contractor leaving the site.

"These are long awaited development works with new safety measures and a footpath around the national school.

"The work had progressed very well up to last Friday week when work was halted and the contractor had to leave the site due to the presence of two poles adjacent to the school, an E.S.B and an Eir one.

"The E.S.B has been very helpful, has contacted the school directly and is due to drop their line in order to allow work to progress.

"In contrast however the Eir process is very slow with a long application and delays in replying with a proposal as to when to begin its pole removal.

"In talking with other Councillors around the Country this is not an isolated case and other projects have also been held up due to Eir poles.

"The area around the school is now more congested than ever as the partial works completed have left it very difficult for parents to park and turn their cars.

"I am calling on Eir to prioritise this process, they are going to have to move the pole anyway and instead of contributing to public distress they should get this removal completed as soon as possible."

Sligo Champion