Wednesday 17 January 2018

Top Irish dancer caught with drugs


A WORLD Irish dancing champion was caught with cannabis in his car and his house, Sligo District Court was told.

Before the court was Brian Keaney of Campbell Court, Cairns Road who admitted possession of the drug and having it for sale or supply at Cairns Road on November 5th 2011.

Inspector Paul Kilcoyne said the defendant's car was stopped and searched by Gardai and cannabis to the value of €350 was found.

A search was later conducted of his house and a further €500 worth of the drug was located.

He was arrested and he told Gardai the cannabis was for himself and his friends whom he supplied from time to time.

The defendant didn't have any previous convictions.

Mr. Eamon Creed, solicitor (defending), pleaded that Keaney, whose parents were retired teachers, had been a very good footballer in his teenage years.

He was also a very good Irish dancer, coming fourth in the World on one occasion.

However, after the age of 16 he began dabbling in cannabis and while he went to college he failed his exams.

He returned home and enrolled in college once more but he continued taking cannabis and became quite addicted.

He was also giving some cannabis to his friends.

Mr. Creed handed in a letter to the court from a GP which stated that Keaney was no longer using any drugs.

The defendant was currently studying marketing.

In the past the defendant had travelled around the world through Irish dancing and it was his hope to do so again. The World dancing championships were being held in Boston this year.

The defendant's parents, who were in court, were utterly traumatised, added Mr. Creed.

Judge Denis McLoughlin said the defendant had €800 worth of cannabis to deal and sell and also to feed his own habit.

He was a drug dealer and was doing it to make a profit.

Inspector Kilcoyne told the Judge that Keaney hadn't come to Garda notice over the past year.

Keaney was remanded on bail to October 31st 2013 for payment of €500 to North West Hospice and for monthly urine analysis.

If the money was paid and the tests were clear the Judge said he would probably deal with the matter in a certain way.

If there was one negative test, the defendant would be fined €500, said the Judge.

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