Wednesday 17 January 2018

'There's all sorts of rubbish'

Residents of Mountain View estate are demanding action on 14 vacant houses that are attracting anti-social behaviour

ONE of the houses boarded up at Mountain View with litter in the back garden.
ONE of the houses boarded up at Mountain View with litter in the back garden.
John Barrett at the rear of one of the vacant houses at Mountain View, Tubbercurry.

RESIDENTS in Mountain View say the number of vacant houses in the estate is leading to vandalism.

Fourteen houses are unoccupied.

Residents want Sligo County Council to allocate them as quickly as possible.

Joint Treasurer of the Residents Association, John Barrett said: "There is anti-social behaviour, litter and vandalism.

"Some of the houses have been boarded up and some were broken into in the past."

Members of the Association voluntarily cut the grass and keep flower beds in the estate, which was opened in 1975.

John said: "We do our best to try to keep the place tidy.

"However, there is a problem with dumping at vacant houses.

"There's all sorts of rubbish in the back gardens in particular.

"We feel the Council should do something to alleviate the situation."

A spokesperson for the Council said some of the houses in Mountain View were in need of repair.

He added: "While there are people on the housing waiting list, they have an option of two 'refusals' in terms of houses allocated to them.

"Some people have refused to move to Mountain View.

"After two such refusals, applicants go back down the list again."

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