Monday 24 June 2019

'The Big Hello' at Nazareth Village

Ciara Galvin

Blue skies and brilliant sunshine brought Nazareth Village out in force for the national community event, The Big Hello.

The intiative's aim is to support communities to host events in their local area in order to strengthen community ties and help tackle the problem of social isolation.

The event was being organised by the Department of Rural and Communtiy Development in partnership with other representative bodies such as Volunteer Ireland and Macra na Feirme.

Attendees were treated to a cavalcade of vintage cars which were parked for all to appreciate, with their proud owners standing by to answer any questions put to them by their admiring captives. Many of them accepted the invitation to be driven around the village.

People wandered between the vintage cars and the basket making demonstration, taking to the dance floor in between.

The village was also treated to some songs with a rendition of "beidh aonach amarach", followed by a recitation "as gaeilge", as well as a brief history of the Nazareth House.

A magnificent spread of food and drinks was enjoyed by all.

The gardens and green areas looked splendid in the wall to wall sunshine, everything coming into bloom at this time of the year. Likewise the villagers garden and tunnel, sprouting young shoots which will be ready for the garden open day in July.

It was the organisers' first attempt at bringing the village together, and they felt it was a big success.

Sligo Champion