Wednesday 17 January 2018

Students get taste of lab life at Abbott

STUDENTS have been getting first hand experience in science, with help from workers in Abbott.

This is the fourth year that workers from the Sligo plant invited students to learn about the importance of science, through the programme, Operation Discovery.

In total, 20 young people from schools in Leitrim and Mayo took part in the scientific exploration.

The programme offers the students the chance to see exciting experiments and hands-on lessons in scientific discovery.

Conor Murphy, Site Director Abbott Ireland said: "Our science programmes allow students to understand how the appliance of science plays an important role in their lives.

"As science and innovation are at the core of Abbott's business, we are working to develop the next generation of scientists and engineers through programmes which take creative approaches to learning."

Due to the success in Ireland, the programmes have now been implemented by Abbott in China, Germany, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Korea and the UK.

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