Saturday 19 October 2019

Student protest on climate change 'is a wake-up call'

At the protest in Sligo last Friday
At the protest in Sligo last Friday

Speaking in support of students striking for climate change in Sligo last Friday, Sinn Féin Councillor Chris MacManus said the number of students striking here and across the country should deliver a clear and powerful message to the Government that Ireland's inaction on climate change won't be tolerated by our younger generations.

Councillor MacManus said: "This should send a very clear signal to our Ministers in Government "As future voting citizens, they have every right to inform government about what direction they want to see policy moving.

"Much of the debate centres on the problems with our climate but we need urgently to put forward the many different actions required to deal with climate change.

"We need to ask what will be our energy mix to replace fossil fuels? How do we change our sources of energy for travel? And how do we deal with the chronic level of waste in our society?

"I hope to bring the issue of climate change up at the next Council meeting in early April."

Sligo Champion