Thursday 25 April 2019

Stray dogs are sent to a Dublin charity

Only three dogs were put down in Sligo in 2018 out of 183 which came into the shelter and none in 2019

Sligo Dog Shelter which is operated by the County Council
Sligo Dog Shelter which is operated by the County Council

Dogs rounded up by the Dog Warden Service in Sligo are passed on to Dogs Trust.

Sligo County Coucil operates the dog shelter near Drumcliffe and while strays are taken in, rehmoming for the most part no longer takes place there.

Instead, any unwanted dogs are sent to Dogs Trust Ireland in Finglas, Dublin.

The issue of what Sligo was doing with its dogs arose when members of the public began to notice the Dog Warden Service was no longer updating its website seeking homes for dogs.

In a statement, Sligo County Council said: "Currently, the dog shelter has an arrangement with Dogs Trust to re-home dogs.

"Our experience is that this works more efficiently than trying to use the website. The bulk of dogs now are transferred to Dogs Trust every few weeks and they re-home them.

"In 2018, 183 dogs came into the centre. Of these, 21 were claimed back by their owners, 103 were transferred to dog welfare groups mainly Dogs Trust, 39 were homed from the shelter and only three were put to sleep and this is one of the best records in the country.

"So far this year, nearly 100 dogs have passed through and none have been put down.

"The dogs in the shelter are vaccinated and wormed and have plastic beds.

"We do not use blankets for disease control reasons as they can harbour infection - which can be a big problem when you have a lot of dogs from different sources, and many without any vaccinations.

"We have dogs going to Dogs Trust regularly and have never had any complaints from them about their condition."

Sligo Champion