Wednesday 24 July 2019

Stepping their way to a fitter life

Catering staff at St John’s Community Hospital
Catering staff at St John’s Community Hospital

The HSE staff Steps to Health Challenge has completed its third year in operation and has been an overwhelming success.

The challenge was to reach the goal of 10,000 daily steps which is the recommended number for health benefits.

The Catering Department at St Johns Community Hospitaltook part to increase staff moral and use it as a team building exercise. The group consisted of 25 staff and they promoted healthy activity with walking routes mapped around St John's and even organised a walking evening in Strandhill.

The weekly step count was 2,720,302 which averaged out to 108,812 between the 25 team members. On the 1st week of the Steps to Health Challenge they took the 5/6km route, around Strandhill as the terrain was mostly flat which was suitable for all involved while admiring the beautiful views of the Atlantic and the surrounding woodlands.

The new walking map located in the foyer of St John's also encouraged all staff to be more pro activate during their lunch hour.

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