Friday 24 May 2019

'Staff walking out on a daily basis at Eir', former employee claims


Christopher Tagaki
Christopher Tagaki

Ciara Galvin

A former employee of the newly-established eir call centre at Rathredmond has said staff are walking out daily and the centre is understaffed.

Christopher Tagaki contacted The Sligo Champion following a report on issues regarding landline connections for customers in Ballinacarrow for a number of months.

Mr Tagaki says the site is poorly managed and there are people leaving daily and weekly. He said the site working at full capacity should have 330 staff and currently he believes that number is at approximately 90.

He added that he also believes this to be a huge reason as to the long waiting times for customers contacting the centre.

"They have people come in the door and pretty much leave within four to six weeks."

Mr Tagaki ceased employment at the centre just under two weeks ago and says 23 other people left the same day he did.

Issues highlighted by Mr Tagaki were confirmed by a current member of staff at the site.

Mr Tagaki started employment at the new facility in October last year and says early on, issues arose.

"There was a lot of false promises given to a lot of agents to get them [call agents] in the door quickly and get them trained up in a short period of time to get it up and running."

The Australian native cited a number of issues at the site, including poor management structures and short periods of training.

"Ten days training is ridiculous, the process normally is about four weeks...There was no retraining and people like myself should have been brought back into focus groups after three months and see what we were missing. There was no feedback."

"It's managed with an iron handed fist and you're basically told to take as many calls as you can and don't worry about the customer."

Mr Tagaki said that this structure in turn resulted in customers, such as those in Ballinacarrow, not being able to get through to customer helplines.

Mr Tagaki claimed that staff were also not paid bonuses they were initially promised. "We were promised a bonus. The pay is pretty poor, it's €20,000, it's just on minimum wage. To prop up your income there's a bonus in place every three months.

"We were told in October when we started 'Don't worry about the first six months of bonuses, the first bonus will be paid to you regardless. You'll get €1,000, don't worry, because we're in a transition period, we don't expect you to be up to speed.'

He said one week before staff were due to receive bonuses an email informed them they would not be getting them.

"There was nearly a riot in the place, people weren't taking calls. There was intervention from the union. They went to management, a lot of people just walked." out that day and didn't come back.

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