Thursday 14 December 2017

South Sligo couple raising funds for Kenyan school

A South Sligo couple are organising a fundraiser for a school in Mombasa, Kenya. Pat McCarrick and Rita Normanly have a lengthy relationship with a teacher at the school, Charles Oleich.

The newly built school is in need of furniture and equipment; everything from desks to uniforms to text books. Pat and Rita are hosting a fundraising house concert at Moy River Folk Club on Friday 26th May at 8pm with local artists including Shane and Colin Marren and Karen McKim.

The new school in Maweni near Mombasa in Kenya is an offshoot of a nearby primary school where Charles Oleich has been teaching since 1998. Charles has now been appointed to head up the new school. He also has the task of funding its creation. In his recent request for help he stated; "We started by renting a plot and we constructed a house of three room and still two in progress. The roof is made of Makuti, a type of coconut leaf."

At the moment parents are paying 500 Kenyan Shillings (€4.50) per month but most of them can't manage to pay. Children are sitting down on the ground because of lack of chairs and they wear civilian clothes because they lack uniforms. We also ask parents if they can pay 50KSH (45 Cent) for children lunch but it is also became a problem."

The new school will cater for 141 kindergarten pupils. Items still needed in the creation for the schools include, tables, chairs, desks, blackboards, exercise books, pens, crayons, geometrical sets, rulers and text books. All the items are available locally, the funds to procure them however is not. The total amount of funds required to complete the project is surprisingly little at €5,800.

Mr. Oleich went on in his letter, "They need so many things for smooth learning of the children, that is why I sent for you the list and my request for help."

Many of the young artists playing and singing at the concert have developed considerable reputations of their own in the local music scene and it promises to be an excellent evening's entertainment. All are welcome to attend the fundraising event but note that spaces are limited so booking essential. However, if you can't attend on the night, donations for the school fund are welcomed also. For more details or to book a place, contact Moy River B&B on 087 2512030 or 071 9121902.

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