Friday 19 January 2018

Sligo rocking to Samba beat for World Cup

Samba beat at IT Sligo. Brazilian students in Sligo get into the World Cup mood
Samba beat at IT Sligo. Brazilian students in Sligo get into the World Cup mood

THE Samba beat will take Sligo by storm during the World Cup.

Over 80 Brazilian students at IT Sligo are preparing to cheer on their team.

"We'll be watching all the Brazil games in the local pubs," says 21 year old Tatiana Sakagami.

"Many of us went to McHugh's last week to watch the friendly game between Brazil and Serbia on TV.

"It was great craic.

"It's strange for us to be here in Sligo while the World Cup is taking place back home in Brazil, which is known as the 'Country of Football.

"Everybody asks us about that.

"Now that the World Cup is about to start, it's a very exciting time for us."

Tatiana, who is studying Environmental Engineering at IT Sligo, is a huge football fan.

She says: My favourite team is Brazil is Sao Paulo FC and my favourite players are Fred, Hulk, David Luiz and Julio Cesar.

"My country has faced many challenges in relation to getting ready for the World Cup and the Olympics in 2016.

"But I hope the Brazilian team do very well. Germany, Spain, Portugal and Uruguay are their strongest rivals."

Tatiana has been studying in Sligo since last September.

And she feels very much at home in the Yeats County.

"Sligo is our new home," she says.

"The people are very friendly and have made us very welcome.

"There is lots of culture around Sligo and beautiful landscape.

"It's lovely when people smile at us on the streets.

"It is such a lovely place to stay."

Among Tatiana's fellow Brazilian students in Sligo who will be cheering on their native country in the World Cup are Vinicus Trovao, Bruno Sousa, Cynthia Coutinho, Marina Cangiano, Bianca Neri, Aline Maximiano, Francyelly Balduino, Nathalia Ferreira, Giselle Juca, Breno Moura and Camila Silva.

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