Thursday 20 June 2019

Sligo loses High Court to Donegal

Paul Deering

Sligo has lost a week of its High Court sitting in November to Donegal. The Courts Service has announced that the second week of the scheduled two week sitting in November of the High Court in Sligo will now take place in Letterkenny.

The move is seen as a major blow to Sligo not only to the legal fraternity but also in terms of business to the city.

The High Court will sit in Sligo from November 4th to 8th and in Letterkenny from the 11th to the 15th though it will still be called the Sligo sitting. 

The hosting of the High Court in Sligo has come under increasing pressure since a new €20 million courthouse was opened in Letterkenny in February 2018. The new building contains four courtrooms and all the necessary associated facilities including consultation rooms and areas for victim support. 

There are fears in legal circles locally that Sligo may lose its High Court sitting altogether to Letterkenny.

The High Court sat in Sligo for two weeks from 29 April - 10 May, the first of it twice yearly sittings here.

Sligo Champion