Monday 18 December 2017

Sligo is Ireland's 'best-kept secret'

Ann Higgins
Ann Higgins

"SLIGO IS the best-kept secret in Ireland.

"Once people get here, County Sligo sells itself."

That was one message from Ann Higgins, head of IT Sligo's marketing department.

She formed part of a Team Sligo presentation to a meeting of Sligo County Council.

Chairman Paul Keyes said: "Team Sligo is a collaborative effort to improve Sligo's economic performance, using tourism as a vehicle."

"It involves people in Sligo who have invested their own money in the effort, as well as lovers of Sligo in Dublin and abroad working pro bono.

"Team Sligo ran a €60,000 marketing campaign in 2011 using a new brand and logo.

"In 2012, our campaign was financed by €70,000 from the local community, matched by €70,000 from Sligo Leader.

"This year, €170,000 will be spent on promotion."

Clr Gerard Mullaney said two big opportunities for Sligo were The Gathering and the All-Ireland Fleadh.

He urged Team Sligo to consider the fleadh as a major project for 2014.

Clr. Rosaleen O'Grady said the Yeatsian connection was an area "we are not cashing in on enough."

Mr Keyes said they wanted to use Yeats as a lens to enable people see Sligo.

He added that the fleadh will be "the thing in Sligo" next year.

County Manager Hubert Kearns complimented Team Sligo for getting the idea of "self-help" into people's minds.

"The places that prosper are the places that get up off their backsides and help themselves," he said.

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