Sunday 25 February 2018

Sligo has dropped to 26th on latest IBAL litter survey

Eleanor Kennedy

SLIGO has dropped places in a national litter league and now ranks 26th out of 40 areas surveyed.

The capital of the north west previously came in 13th spot in the Irish Business Against Litter survey.

But Sligo is still clean to European norms.

In all, 75% of towns and cities were found to be as clean as or cleaner than their European counterparts.

An Taisce said: "There was a strong performance from Sligo with no seriously littered sites and half the sites getting the top litter grade.

"Some of the top sites included the Cemetery and Environs, Sligo Race Course and the two approach roads.

Both the recycle facilities were littered - an air of untidiness prevailed at the one at Lidl and the Recycle Facility at River was not only littered but the bins were grubby."

For the first time, IBAL inspected the cleanliness of connecting routes between towns, which were found to be typically more littered than the towns themselves.

An Taisce reported that the Ballina - Sligo Road (N4- N59) was "a reasonably clean road with no discernible difference between the two council areas."

One exception was an area near the village of Skreen where litter was visible.

Otherwise there was only sporadic litter visible along the road.

The survey showed that while towns are getting cleaner, urban areas remain littered.

The survey found that sweet papers were by far the most common form of litter, followed by cigarette butts, fast food wrappers and chewing gum.

Most recycling areas were littered, with car parks and residential areas also more likely to be littered than other sites

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