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'Shocking' Rag Week promotions


Last year's Rag Week

Last year's Rag Week

Last year's Rag Week

Some of the town's licensed premises are gearing up for Rag Week with a series of shocking promotions.

Strippers, free condoms and special drink promotions aimed at students are all on offer this week.

This is despite a judge's waring about "gimmickry" in the selling of alcohol.

For the first time in the history of Rag Week, all IT Sligo-supported activities are taking place on campus.

However, this hasn't stopped some pubs targeting students and young people with promotions that began on Monday.

These include free shots, free buses from Ballinode, free pizza, even a free breakfast roll with your first pint.

In some cases, shots are being offered for €1, bottles for €2 and pints for €3.

In another, offers include a vodka for €1.50 with free mixer, whiskey €2, brandy €1.70 and alcopops €3.

Yesterday, 'Donegal Monday', you could have a free shot if you were wearing green and yellow.

One pub has advertised "class parties" and what it calls its "new student friendly drinks price list."

Another, as part of its Rag Week promotion, will be having male and female stripper shows, free condoms and even a 'shift booth'.

There will also be a wet t-shirt contest in one premises on 'Girls Gone Wild Wednesday.'

A number of pubs are giving away a free €50 bar tab each night.

Judge Kevin Kilrane gave a stark warning to publicans at last Thursday's sitting of the District Court in Sligo about 'gimmickry."

He said: "Any pub that engages in selling alcohol at uncommercial prices to attract business and create a situation for binge drinking will have to be looked at.

"Licensees have a tough job but they cannot solve their problem with this type of gimmickry.

"They have to have normal civilised trading.

"The race to the bottom will simply have to be prevented."

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