Monday 22 July 2019

Rovers unhappy with the FAI

Sligo Rovers has expressed its dissatisfaction with the FAI. In a mid season report released on its online platforms, the club says there were 'several dark clouds on the horizon' and goes on to be critical of the FAI whose interim Chief Executive, Noel Mooney was in attendance at the club's home game against Cork City on Friday night last.

Sligo Rovers say that the FAI clearly had very significant issues.

"As a club that is run almost exclusively by volunteers, all of whom give a huge level of commitment on an on-going basis, it is deflating to say the least to read about the corporate governance or the lack of in the parent organisation. At the same time, the League of Ireland has been seriously under funded.

"As a positive, it looks as if there are going to be significant structural changes in the league and in its funding. We also have to remember there are many very dedicated people working within the FAI who must find the current situationvery uncomfortable, we work with many good people there on a daily basi," it said.

The statement went on to say how its public liability insurance had shot up in the past couple of years and that it had been the subject of two 'large' claims, one of which The Sligo Champion understands was settled recently at a sitting of the High Court in Dublin.

"Our public insurance premium has gone up from €15,000 in 2016 to €60,000 in 2018. Our first quote for 2019 was €86,000 (despite being claims free for four years) and only after much work, diligent persuasion and risk containment steps, did we get that premium down to €58,000. Although this feels like a result, it is simply not sustainable.

"As a club without an underwriting benefactor or European prize money, it is a difficult and daily challenge to sustain the level of financial commitment which we currently carry.

"Most independent observers would reach the conclusion that Sligo Rovers are in a better place on and off the field than we have been in the last five years," the statement said.

On a positive note the club says that off the field it continues to make important strides. The installation of 1,000 new seats and a new hospitality clubhouse were important developments in improving and maintaining The Showgrounds.

The club also announced the appointment of Colin Feehily as CEO which was one of the core targets of the club's five-year strategic plan.

The club is also pleased with the progress made on the field of play this season.

"We have made significant progress so far this year.

"The benefits of making the decision to recruit an experienced management team are there to see in terms of the calibre of player recruitment this year and the tactical nousis visible in results. It is refreshing to be looking up the league table to see what might be achieved in the season," said the club.

Sligo Champion